Dolores revealed in a recent interview the real reason she does not visit her son’s parents very often. She explained that it takes many hours to fly. It is very exhausting. It takes between 15 and 20 hours to fly from Portugal to Saudi Arabia. The layover is included.

The mother of the footballer was asked in the interview about the rumors that her son had split up with his girlfriend Georgina Rodriquez. Dolores denied any speculations, saying that they were all “lies”.

Cristiano Cristiano pushes a crew member from the rival team away over a request to take a selfie. Report

Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo is once again in the spotlight for his scuffle with a member of staff from a rival team. After his second stressful stint at Manchester United, Ronaldo joined the Saudi Arabian team Al Nassr.

Ronaldo was approached after Al Nassr’s match with Al-Kaleej by a member of the Al-Kaleej team who requested a selfie. Ronaldo, however, was not in the mood to pose for pictures. He pushed the man off and continued walking toward the tunnel. Ronaldo has had a volatile season, and this incident was the culmination of a series of heated moments.

Ronaldo had to endure another frustrating match. Al-Nassr, Ronaldo’s team in the Saudi Pro League, drew Al-Kaleej 1-1. Al-Nassr was now two points behind the league leader, Al-Ittihad. Al-Nassr had only four matches left, so it was unlikely that they could catch up. Al-Ittihad may even widen the gap by five points. Ronaldo did not score. Ronaldo’s disappointment was heightened by the fact that he could end his first season as a Saudi Arabian without a trophy.


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