Patricia Terry Holland, the wife of Elder Holland, was well-known to all. Unfortunately she passed at an estimated 81 after brief hospitalization.Sister Holland was reported dead by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints where she played an influential role among younger members, particularly among youth groups. Her legacy will live on for future generations.

Sister Holland: A Woman Of Faith

Church officials recognized Sister Holland as a woman with a strong faith and steadfast dedication to her beliefs. Her commitment to serve her community and faith, as well as her love for her children, is a testimony to her devotion.

Cause of death and funeral arrangements

At this time, the cause of Sister Holland’s death is not known. The family is grieving this great loss and the funeral arrangements are still to be determined. This will allow those who loved and knew her to offer their condolences.

Patricia Terry Holland: Tributes by the Community

Social media was used by prominent Utah politicians to send their condolences to Sister Holland and to remember her kindness and influence.

Recognizing and Celebrating

Utah Governor Spencer Cox described Sister Holland as being one of the most kind and caring people he has ever met. Senator Mike Lee offered his condolences, and acknowledged her impact on the hearts of many. Burgess Owens, a representative from the state of California, also paid tribute to Sister Holland.

Sister Holland’s Life of Service in the Church

Sister Holland lived a life that was a testimony to her dedication and devotion to the Church. Her influence, especially on youth, through her role as counselor in the Young Women’s General Presidency was significant and lasting.

Legacy and Impact

Even during her busiest years, Sister Holland’s devotion and service to the church did not waver. Elder Holland was president of Brigham Young University while Sister Holland worked with youths and raised her children in Provo. Her faith and devotion inspired many. She accompanied Elder Holland on many Church assignments after he became a General Authority.

Sister Holland: Marriage and Family

Elder Holland and Patricia Terry Holland married on June 7, 1963 in the St. George Temple. Their 58-year marriage was a testimony to their love and devotion.

Patricia Terry Holland, A Loving Mother

Sister Holland was not just a loving wife of Elder Holland, but also a nurturing mom to their three kids. She was a loving grandmother of 13 grandchildren and great-grandmother of five.

Sister Holland: A Life of Faith, Service and Exemplary Character

Sister Holland was an example of a life dedicated to her faith and to selfless service. She was praised by church officials for prioritizing family over all else and for being an inspiration to many.

Remembering Patricia Terry Holland

Patricia Terry Holland’s departure has left many with a hole in their hearts. Her life will be an inspiration to others, and her legacy will continue long after she is gone. The finalization of the funeral arrangements will allow us to see that beautiful outpouring worldwide of affection as people attend her memorial services and recall this shining figure in history.


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