Gerard Pique’s mother was evaluated for her refusal to speak about her son’s split from Shakira. Ricard Ustrell asked Montserrat Bernabeau a question about which she appeared uncomfortable talking about.

Maryfer Centeno is a graphologist who took this opportunity to analyze her behavior after her appearance on the TV show “Collapse”. Centeno stated that Bernabeu appeared haughty whenever the subject of Pique or Shakira came up. This made it appear as though she was uncomfortable talking about the matter.

Centeno said, You can see how bad Pique’s mom looks. “Regardless if she is guilty, she seems to be feeling defeated or very concerned,” she added.

Centeno concluded with , “She’s angry, she feels uneasy, and she plays with her finger to relieve tension..” The situation Bernabeau is in is delicate. Pique’s mom has been defended by many people who say that she does not have to talk about a subject she feels uncomfortable with.

Shakira is spotted in Miami “house-hunting”

The Colombian was seen looking for homes in Miami.

Shakira has been spotted looking for a home in Miami. The Colombian singer was joined by her brother, a real-estate agent and other members of the family in Miami. Shakira currently rents a mansion worth $15 million but hopes to soon move into her own home.

The Colombian woman is reportedly willing to spend as much as $50 million for her new home. The house is valued at a much higher amount than her Barcelona family home. In 2015, the singer of the 2010 World Cup and her ex-partner Pique bought their home in Catalan Capital for $6 million. Shakira and her children Milan and Sasha will stay at the residence.

Shakira and Pique separated in November 2022 after Shakira deduced the Spaniard had cheated on her. Shakira and Pique have both moved from their former family home. Pique has settled in an apartment in Barcelona while Shakira moved to Miami.


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