Shakira has been spotted with a luxurious and expensive Balenciaga handbag. It was a gift from her ex Gerard Pique during a Miami family vacation. The controversial accessory, which is black with colored graffiti lettering, is worth an impressive $2200.

Shakira is one of the biggest pop stars on the planet. She has recently been in the spotlight after her public breakup with Gerard Pique, her long-term boyfriend. It is difficult for them to remain under the radar after the breakup. Shakira moved to Miami from Barcelona in April after a breakup lasting 10 months.

Although Shakira kept her private life and her movements hidden from the public, paparazzi still managed to capture a glimpse. The sight of Pique’s present was unexpected. It is a mystery why Pique would keep a gift from a past relationship.

She could be wearing it to remember the happy times they shared together or because she likes the bag. She wears the bag a few weeks after her trip to Miami, where she spent her first 10 days in the US with her children as per the separation agreement. The fans have started to rumor about a possible reconciliation. Drama and controversy around the Shakira/Pique relationship is still ongoing.

Shakira’s latest Pique shot: This Barbie is way out of your league

Shakira’s personal war with the ex-Barcelona defender seems to never end. The Colombian singer has once again used social media to share photos of herself as Barbie in the movie that stars Margot Robbie, Ryan Gosling and others. She also shares a series a photographs where she is dressed up like the doll and gives hints at her ex.

In social networks, a trend has emerged whereby each individual can create their own poster to become the star of the movie. Shakira was a bit late in catching on to the trend but she didn’t want to miss out the chance to give Pique a hint. The Colombian turned into a Barbie to pay tribute to her ex-partner who was on a romantic getaway in Abu Dhabi with his girlfriend Clara Chia Marti as a birthday gift.

The singer posted three Barbie stories. She wrote ” This Barbie is proud of being Latin American“. This was clearly directed at Pique, after his controversial remarks about Shakira’s fanbase. Shakira’s second post featured the caption , ” This Barbie Is Out of Your League,”, which seems to be a reference to her ex-husband’s Kings League soccer competition. Shakira finally posted, “This Barbie Is Shakira!” Shakira!”


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