Gerard Pique is going to demand a new deal against Shakira because he does not want to spend money on a plane or a hotel to visit his children. This is not because he lacks the funds, but rather because he dislikes paying for them because he has no residence in Miami. According to reports, Shakira wants to pay for the trips of the former footballer.

According to the agreement, the Spanish legend is allowed to meet with his children for a specified time each month. Pique is reportedly not going to fulfill his “10-day” period in the US with his kids despite all compensations. Gerard Pique stayed with his children until April 2, which is why this happened. The singer claims that Gerard Pique spent two days in April with Milan and Sasha.

He cannot be with them more than ten consecutive days. Gerard Pique, who was caught at the Barcelona Airport on his way to Miami, where he currently lives, and whose custody he is fighting again, was arrested. Pique’s attorney publicly discussed their legal contract. Milan and Sasha are going to spend the three major holidays with their father. These include Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving.

He can then spend 10 days per month with his children. The veteran doesn’t have to keep his kids in America. The veteran can take Milan and Sasha to Spain, but only for ten days. These clauses only apply while Pique is living in Spain. The former celebrity couple would need to sign a new contract if Pique relocated to the US.

Gerard Pique becomes an instant meme after his first visit to Miami

Gerard Pique was criticized for his appearance as he travelled to Miami to meet with Shakira and their children. Former FC Barcelona star Gerard Pique has two sons from his ex-girlfriend Shakira. Sasha, and Milan are the names of the sons. The children will stay with Shakira and Pique after the breakup of Pique and Shakira.

The two parties fought a long and bitterly contested battle over child custody. Pique and lawyer reportedly gave up because Pique didn’t want to cause bad blood because of the kids. He was seen with his girlfriend Clara Chia Marti on a holiday in the Middle East before traveling to Miami to see his children. Pique’s appearance was criticized after he arrived in Miami.

On the internet, it is joked that Shakira may not recognize him. Pique is gaining weight. There was a discussion after it became clear that Shakira and her children would move to Miami, about the conditions set forth by their parents. Pique is reportedly allowed to come and visit his children 10 days per month. During this time, he could take his children to Barcelona so they can meet their grandparents.


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