Gerard Pique is now in Miami, after spending time in Abu Dhabi with his girlfriend Clara Chia. Former Barcelona defender took his girlfriend to Abu Dhabi for a holiday on an island. Pique is now in Florida after returning to Barcelona from his vacation with Chia.

As soon as Pique set foot in Magic City, the press bombarded him. The Spanish footballing legend ignored the flashes and questions of the cameras. Pique then got into the backseat and drove away from journalists and photographers.

The first time since Shakira moved from Barcelona, the Spaniard has visited his children and ex-partner. Pique has until May 1 to spend time with his children. The Spaniard also plans to buy some Miami property so that he can spend more time with his children.

Clara Chia has also traveled to Miami with Gerard Pique, to meet his children.

Clara Chia, Gerard Pique and a leaked video from Abu Dhabi surfaced

Clara Chia, Gerard Pique and their vacation video have been released. The couple spent a little more than a week on a secluded Island in Abu Dhabi. The reports were not confirmed, but a video leaked confirms the couple’s trip to the Middle East.

Pique can be seen in the video speaking to an unknown person. Clara Chia, his girlfriend, follows him as he finishes his conversation. Chia also has two roses in her hand, which were probably given to her by the Spaniard.

They have been publicly together since August 2022, only two months after Pique’s and Shakira’s separation. Clara Chia has returned to Barcelona after their vacation. Pique, on the other hand, has arrived in Miami where he will spend 5 days with his kids, as part of a custody agreement between his and his ex-partner.


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