DeRon Jenkins, a Missouri native from St. Louis began playing American Football at a young age. He was a star high school football player at Ritenour High School, and then went on to be a standout UT Vols footballer.

Baltimore Ravens selected him in the second round 1996 NFL Draft due to his impressive performances at college. He played cornerback for them for four years, making 202 tackles while also securing two interceptions and a sack. Later, he went on to play for the San Diego Chargers as well as Tennessee Titans in order to establish himself further within the NFL.

How to transition to a post-NFL career: From Field to Screen

After retiring, Jenkins became a TV personality and hosted HGTV’s popular “Flip or Flop Nashville” show. This change in career has not compromised Jenkins’ love of tackling difficult projects. Instead, it has redirected his passion towards home renovation.

Jenkins also ventured into entrepreneurship by establishing DY Construction Inc. Jenkins has been able to successfully transfer his competitive spirit, which he used on the football field, to the corporate world. His companies offer outstanding services for short- and longterm rentals.

Explore DeRon Jenkins Romantic and Family Life

DeRon Jenkins – Single or married in 2023?

Many fans wonder, “Who is DeRon’s wife?” It’s surprising that as of 2023 the former professional athlete has reportedly remained single and unmarried. His romantic life is not devoid of relationships.

Jenkins had a previous relationship with Page Turner, his co-star on “Flip or Flop Nashville”. They dated for 5 years and even had a child together before they decided to separate. Despite their split, they’ve managed to keep a harmonious relationship at work on their HGTV series.

Keep Family Life Secret

Jenkins, who is a proud dad, chooses to keep his daughter’s and family life details private. Jenkins’ decision to keep his personal life low-key extends to the background of his family. Jenkins was born in the United States to Maggie Donald. However, details about his father are not disclosed, which adds to the mystery surrounding his personal life.

DeRon Jenkins, a focused and private individual

Jenkins’ career change from football to television, entrepreneurship and other fields might seem like a move for attention. However, his personal life is a completely different story. Jenkins, a former NFL player, keeps a low profile when it comes to his family and romantic life. He also avoids media scrutiny.

Jenkins has always avoided such tactics. Jenkins is not a sports star who seeks publicity, but a professional, a father and a private person who balances fame and a normal life. His fans and supporters respect his decision and look forward to his future ventures at DY Construction Inc.

DeRon Jenkins, in conclusion, is a testimony to a full life, a man who has made his mark on the small screen and the football field.


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