John Cleese is an English actor and comedian hoping to return to acting. At 83, Cleese is considered an icon in the entertainment world and shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon; thus his return into public view should take place soon enough.

Cleese’s long-awaited return is more than personal; it also brings his daughter on board in this exciting creative venture together, giving audiences worldwide an exciting glimpse of Cleese and daughter Shannon as they embark on new creative endeavours together on screen. Audiences around the globe cannot wait for audiences around the globe to witness how amazing Cleese, Shannon and their amazing bond and synergy come alive onscreen!

Family Bond
Cleese is grateful to have this chance to work alongside his sister. Their shared passion for acting promises an on-screen dynamic that’s certain to warm hearts – both individually as well as together! Together they will demonstrate not only individual talent, but also exhibit how strong family ties can be.

John Cleese Iconic Comedy
John Cleese made an immediate mark upon entering comedy with the introduction of Monty Python’s Flying Circus; films such as A Fish Called Wanda; and various memorable roles have since followed suit in Cleese’s career as an iconic comic actor and mind. At age 83 he remains as brilliant a performer today! Cleese remains popular around the world thanks to his remarkable skill as an entertainer – both on television and screen!

Legacy in Comedy
Cleese’s legacy as an iconic comedian stands the test of time and is well acclaimed in the entertainment world. His impeccable timing, distinctive style and ability to portray memorable characters has cemented his legendary status within comedy circles. Over time Cleese has gained wisdom that adds further dimension to his comedy acts.

John Cleese Has an Impressive Career
John Cleese’s impressive career spans across several media. An actor, comedian and screenwriter himself, Cleese is best-known as one of the members of Monty Python; further establishing him as an icon within comedy with Fawlty Towers featuring Basil Fawlty himself!

John Cleese has had an eventful personal life alongside his acclaimed professional life. Previously he married four times; in 2012 his current union began with Jennifer Wade who has brought laughter, love, and creativity despite previous difficulties experienced.

Cleese, at age 83, will return to delight and amaze comedy fans; showing them age is no obstacle for talent and innovation.


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