The story of the fall of Duck Dynasty is one of modern pop culture. No matter if you were a critic or a fan, the show was a cultural force during its run. We’ll look at some of Google’s most popular interrogative subheadings in order to answer your burning questions.

What is Duck Dynasty all about?

Duck Dynasty is an American reality TV series that was broadcast on A&E Network from 2012 until 2017. The show revolved around Robertson’s family who made fortune and fame by selling hunting products, mostly duck calls. During its run, the show was a huge hit thanks to the eccentric characters within the Robertson family and their backwoods escapades.

Why did Duck Dynasty end?

Duck Dynasty was cancelled in 2017, after its 11th year, contrary to the popular belief that there were only five seasons. The dwindling audience was one of the main reasons for the show’s cancellation. The show’s ratings dropped dramatically after it set records in the early seasons. In addition, a number of controversies, notably comments made by Phil Robertson contributed to the show’s downfall. A&E, Gurney Productions and Gurney Television came to an agreement to not renew this show. This was due to the drop in ratings and the negative publicity.

Who Died On Duck Dynasty?

In December 2020, the Robertson family experienced a sad moment with the death of Jessica Robertson’s dad. Jessica Robertson is married to Jep, Phil’s oldest son. The loss of Jep Robertson was not only significant for his family, but also because he wasn’t a main character in the show. Jessica shared the sad news on Instagram. She expressed her sorrow, but was also grateful that her father lived longer than expected.

Is Duck Dynasty Scripted?

Duck Dynasty is a reality television show that falls under the category of guided or scripted realities. Reporters who were able to spend time with the Duck Dynasty family confirmed that the show wasn’t entirely spontaneous. Producers would create scenarios that the Robertsons family could follow. The Robertsons weren’t paid actors, but they were exaggerated versions.

What is the controversy surrounding Duck Dynasty?

Phil Robertson caused controversy during his tenure on the show. Most notably, through comments he had made in a GQ interview in 2013, which many viewers viewed as homophobic, and insensitive to race relations. He was suspended temporarily, but reinstated later after a public outpouring resulted in his return. The show’s ratings and public image were also affected by similar comments made by other family members.

Where are the Robertsons now?

The Robertson family didn’t fade away after the show ended. The Robertson family continues to run Duck Commander and has published many books. Some members of the family have even dabbled in political commentary or podcasts. A short-lived spinoff starred Jep Robertson and Jessica Robertson.

Duck Dynasty is a key chapter in the history of reality television, illustrating both the heights of success as well as the pitfalls which can lead to the show’s downfall.


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