Nintendo Direct Leaks guide reveals some of the most exciting details regarding an event to be streamed live later this week.

Nintendo announced they will host a Direct Conference at 3:00pm UK time on June 21, 2023 – much to the delight of customers across North America and elsewhere! The conference will take place from June 21-June 22, 2023.

This conference will showcase forthcoming games and exciting plans for the coming months, along with providing more details regarding Nintendo Direct Leak. This guide offers additional insight.

Have we heard anything about Nentendo Direct Conference being leaked or leaked rumors surrounding this event, despite official confirmation of Pikmin 4 Data’s addition?

Nintendo Direct will kick-off at 3 pm UK BST with broadcast starting at three o’clock UK BST.

Nintendo announced their program via Twitter. At an eagerly-awaited Nintendo Switch conference that highlighted some of its most anticipated titles, a Nintendo Direct was unveiled.

Games enthusiasts and avid Nintendo Direct viewers worldwide eagerly anticipate Nintendo Direct predictions as the anticipation builds. On June 21, 2023 at 7 AM PST/10 AM ET/BST the American Region will broadcast an approximately 40 minute demo. The demo will also be shown live to the British and European audiences at 3 pm BST/3 pm ET respectively.

At the 2023 Nintendo Direct event, one of the games expected to be revealed includes an updated Chronotrigger as well as 2D Super Mario Bros.

What did Nintendo have to say about the recent event?
They issued a press release detailing recent Pikmin 4 updates as well as hosting a live broadcast lasting about forty minutes.

Oatchi the Space Dog is a new game component in Pikmin 4 that can move Pikmin on his shoulders while breaking barriers and transporting objects. Wave 5 Boost Track Pass adds eight courses that draw inspiration from Mario Kart 8 gameplay.

Expect Nintendo Direct leaks about Metroid Prime 4 and Hollow Knight Silksong, or about the Tears of the Kingdom download content.

Super Mario Brothers 2D:
At this year’s Direct Conference, Nintendo may reveal a brand new 2D Super Mario Bros. game. According to reports, Foreman Spike from Wrecking Crew’s documentary about Super Mario will serve as its model – perhaps this 2D Mario will soon make an appearance!

Snitch teased its audience first with an image featuring Mario with the caption, “Nintendo does its thing”, which could be taken more broadly. Pyoro then revealed they intended to launch an indy 2D Mario title; however, she clarified it would not include “New.”

According to various rumors, Nintendo is planning a Chrono-Trigger RPG for Nintendo Switch. Chronotrigger is widely considered one of the greatest RPGs ever created; players can experience a time travel adventure where they travel between past, future and present time periods.

Where can I watch Nintendo Direct? Nintendo Direct will air live on the Nintendo Channel in June 2023. However, unlike traditional Direct demonstrations, you don’t have to attend live – after the event has concluded the recording will be uploaded directly onto YouTube so if you miss the live event don’t worry as there will still be an opportunity to view it later!

Nintendo is making plans to broadcast on YouTube this November and YouTube Alerts can be set up to notify viewers as soon as the broadcast starts.

Which other popular games will Nintendo Direct feature? New Detective Pikachu – Pyoro announced yet another title during Direct. The video included an excerpt from the Detective Pikachu movie where Pikachu dances; speculation suggested this meant another installment would come to Switch; although, as suggested above, this image may or may not relate to Direct at all; although Detective Pikachu 2 “is nearing release”, and has been in development for some time now.
SNES Classic-The Direct will feature a new edition of an SNES classic; however, no source could provide details regarding which title might be featured; many speculated it could be Chronotrigger 2D HD or Super Mario RPG Legend of the Seven Stars.
Persona 3 Reload will likely be unveiled for Nintendo Switch at Nintendo Direct this Wednesday, as Play Asia recently posted footage showing its future gameplay – signalling an imminent announcement of this reloaded edition.
Nintendo Direct will provide more details of their 2023 plans; however, as their holiday lineup has not been unveiled.


Nintendo has revealed that their Direct event will take place on June 21, 2023 – originally coinciding with E3, however this schedule has now changed.


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