Paul Henri Nargeolet’s Wikipedia page offers an abundance of details regarding both his professional and personal lives.

Paul Henri Nargeolet was an adventurous spirit even at 77 years old. His research and discoveries about Titanic made him well-known internationally; Paul recovered over 5K Titanic artifacts during this process and became more widely recognized thanks to an unplanned incident recently that brought more people’s attention towards Paul Henri Nargeolet. To discover more, review Paul Henri Nargeolet via Wikipedia article.

Paul Henri Nargeolet hails from Chamonix in France but moved with his family to South Africa when he was sixteen. Following this time abroad he returned home and completed his higher education before joining the French Navy where he served for 22 years, retiring as a commander at that point in time.

Paul lives in America but also holds French nationality.

Paul hails from France. Neither parent revealed their identities to him. Paul was born in 1946 and currently stands at age 77. In 2017, Michele Marsh, an American anchorwoman who passed away due to breast carcinoma at 63, married him; neither individual spoke about having children with Paul.

Paul’s Career:
Paul was known for his courage and adventurous spirit, joining French Navy to eventually retire as a commander. Due to his training within it he became more skilled as an expert diver and submersible vehicle pilot as well as serving briefly as EOD driver, Ship captain, and Deep Diver.

Paul served as Director of Deep Diving Equipment (DESM) at IFREMER (the French Institute for Research and Exploitation of the Sea) following his retirement from French Navy service in 1986, working there from April 1986 until January 1996.

From January 1996 to December 2003, he served as Executive Director for Aqua+, an Aqua+ subsidiary owned by Canal+.

Paul Nargeolet was a marine expert with decades of experience who worked as a freelance and self-employed consultant in Greenwich and Toulon for three years and three months between January 2004 and March 2007. According to Paul Henri Nargeolet’s Wikipedia entry, his time as a consultant spanned January 2004 – March 2007.

Between 2015 and 2016, he served as director at the Center for Maritime & Underwater Resource Management.

Paul Henri, Director of Underwater Research Program for Premier Exhibitions at RMS Titanic Inc. He began working at RMS Titanic Inc. 16 years and 3 months ago and is widely recognized as the foremost authority on Titanic wreckage.

Contributions and Achievements:
Paul Henri Nargeolet’s Wikipedia entry cites that he recorded unique clips of marine species and vegetation. However, his expertise lay in researching the Titanic shipwreck; specifically how she sank. One of Paul’s sonar blip explorations brought him close to its wreckage where the Heart of the Ocean Diamond featured in the Titanic film could be found nearby.

He completed over 35 dives with the submersible vehicle. Paul Henri Nargeolet is responsible for recovering a 20-ton Titanic hull which can now be seen on display in Las Vegas. According to Wikipedia, Paul Henri Nargeolet is considered an expert on Titanic; leading six expeditions there and giving various talks regarding its wreck. Eventually becoming known as its greatest explorer!

Paul’s Edition:
In April 2022, Paul published “Dans les profondeurs du Titanic,” consisting of 128 pages published as Paperback, Pocket Book and Kindle versions and earning it 4.6/5 stars from 193 reviews; 89% provided positive feedback while 11% left negative reviews.

Paul Henri Nargeolet’s professional life demonstrates a dedication to Titanic and marine exploration. Paul’s Wikipedia page and videos from his underwater expedition offer travelers feedback that illustrate the challenges that they have overcome as part of exploring the seas, while giving an account of their journey.

Social Media Relations and Links:

Paul has amassed 880 LinkedIn connections and Facebook friends. However, Paul does not post as frequently to social media; his last Facebook update dates back to 20th/October/2020 on 20th/October/2020 on 20th/2040/20. You can watch videos featuring Paul on YouTube as well.


Based on an estimated 14K meter ocean depth, remote unmanned submersibles can only reach depths of three kilometers underwater, due to water pressure making diving beyond one kilometer impossible for deep divers. Paul Henri Nargeolet made several expeditions that demonstrated this point; these trips demonstrated his difficulties dealing with technical challenges in critical situations such as those presented by Paul Henri Nargeolet on Wikipedia.


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