Jake Shields was a mixed martial artist from the United States who retired after competing in the UFC. The fighter also competed in other fighting organisations like Strikeforce, EliteXC and others. Shields’ grappling and submission abilities are well-known. In his UFC professional career, Shields has racked up a 31-9 record. He has beaten powerful competitors like Tyron Maia and Tyron woodley .

The fighter’s anti-trans tirade is also well known. Jake Shields has been seen on many occasions ranting about transgender people and their supporters. The former fighter discusses anti-trans topics on Twitter. Since retiring, the 44-year old fighter has attacked underrepresented groups such as transgender people and he hits all conservative talking points.

A transgender wrestler recently challenged Jake Shields in an octagon fight. Shields had claimed that he could beat 10 transgender men in a single row. The community was angered by this statement, hence the offer of a fight from the wrestler. The 44-year old accepted the challenge after reading an article about it. He tweeted: “My offer looks legit, so they can contact me to start putting together their team.”

Jake Shields wrote below his tweet: ” Bud Light contacted me today and offered to sponsor the trans athletes.” He was referring to Budweiser’s support for trans people, which angered conservatives. Shields was clearly part of this reactionary group and had his own opinions.

Fans react when Jake Shields accepts to fight a man who is transgender

Controversial person Jake Shields, a retired fighter and now a member of the reactionary group. The 44-year old is frequently seen tweeting antitrans propaganda and Covid-19 false information. A trans-man who had been making headlines for his transphobic Twitters challenged Shields in an octagon fight. The middle-aged, retired fighter accepted the offer of a fight and asked the transman to negotiate.

The tweet was received with great excitement by fans of the fighter. Jake’s demographic is made up of right-wing propaganda, so the replies are filled with antitrans messages. One fan tweeted, “Be careful, mate. They might come in and identify as the winners & you cannot argue back.” Shields tweet was viral so there were many transphobic comments underneath.

Many pro-trans activists had called Jake Shields out. The 44-year old has taken this path since his retirement. His tweets are liked by a number of conservative personalities, including Tucker Carlson. The fight may or may not be official. Both parties want to fight.


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