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Arda Guler is a Turkestan born footballer who plays internationally. Guler played for the Turkey National Team as well as Fenerbahce, and Super Lig. Guler was born on 25th/February/2005. He is 18 years old, 3 months and 22 days. He was ranked number one among all players born in 2005-2007, second among Fenerbahce players, sixth among Super Lig players, eighth among Turkish players and 55th worldwide among attacking midfielders.

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Guler Arda :

Guler is a midfielder who plays with his left foot. He is also a very tricky player. He’s known as the Turkish Messi. He has a powerful left foot, which gives him more shooting opportunities. He makes a decisive pass to the final third.

Guler can play in the right wing, and his strong foot allows him cut inside. He has set-piece abilities because of his creative play. Irfan Kahveci, a Fenerbahce footballer, is his role model. Irfan Kahveci is his role-model. He is a good midfielder who can also play as a defensive player. He is well respected as an attacking midfielder.

Guler Twitter

Guler’s official website has yet to be launched. Guler has over 23,47.500 Twitter and Instagram followers. He joined Twitter in the year 2020 and has now more than 447.5K followers. His Twitter and Instagram accounts are created using the @10ardaguler user name.

He posts photos and videos about football, his time spent with fans and other players, important announcements, and pictures and videos of family and friends. The video he posted on the 21st/March/2023 was about a training game. On 25th/March/2023, his latest photo showed him in an orange sports outfit.

Guler on Reddit ?

  • Guler left Genclerbirligi Ankara Youth on the 20th/February/2019 and joined Fenerbahce Youth in 2018-19.
  • Guler left Fenerbahce Youth on the 6th/January/2020 and joined Fenerbahce U16 in 2019-20.
  • Guler left Fenerbahce U16 on the 13th of January 2021 and joined Fenerbahce U19 in 2020-21.
  • Guler joined Fenerbahce U19 in the 13th/July/2021.

Reddit has been flooded with speculations that Benfica wants to sign him and have a release clause of 17.5MEUR. It was reported that he could get a Transfer from SL Benfica as of June 14, 2023. This news was announced after a meeting between Fenerbahce and the Champions League Final during the first week.

An article that was trending on Reddit in the last month stated that Napoli offered Guler $50 million for their youngest and most gifted player.

Guler is more active on Instagram. Guler was pictured with a trophy in a post dated 13th/June/2023. This post has been liked 811 128 times. Guler joined Instagram in 2019. The Guler posts all revolve around sports, football and photos of team members or sporting authorities. Arda Guler’s social media accounts can be found on his website.


Guler’s value market was 4.8EUR millions in 2019. The market value steadily increased from 4.8EUR million to 16.8EUR millions in 2022. It is currently valued between 8.3EURmillion and 15EURmillion for June/2023. Guler’s 603 ranking in the world is a major contributor to his current market value. There was a rumor on 7th/June/2023 that Newcastle United would transfer Guler at a 48 percent chance.


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