Gabby Barrett has found happiness with Cade Foehner since meeting him as fellow American Idol contestant Cade Foehner on the show. Their connection quickly transcended competition on American Idol to lead to Texas marriage ceremony a year later and to their growing family with daughters and son on their way.

Gabby Barrett married Cade Foehner, an up-and-coming rock and roll musician who competed on American Idol Season 16. While Foehner did not reach finals of American Idol, his powerful performances and charming persona left an impactful mark with viewers despite not making it through to finals. Foehner has gained notoriety outside his music career with spiritual endeavors and rodeo competitions; frequently accompanying Gabby Barrett on tour and even appearing in her music video “Footprints On The Moon”.

Gabby Barrett: Early Life and ascent
Gabby Barrett had music ingrained into her from an early age, beginning performing when she joined an all-black singers choir at 14. This early experience and familial support played an instrumental role in Gabby becoming the artist she is today.

Gabby Barrett of Gabby Barrett Financial Success.
Gabby Barrett Net Worth
Gabby Barrett is an established country singer with an estimated net worth estimated from her career revenues such as album sales, digital downloads and streaming royalties as well as live performances, brand endorsements and streaming royalties. Gabby can expect her financial success to continue increasing as her popularity in music increases.


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