Meta’s update v53 for Quest devices introduces a new feature that is very welcome: The headset will update apps even when the headset is shut down. If the update works as intended, you will be able download updates when you don’t plan to use your device. I appreciate this because I have been stuck waiting for updates when I wanted to run an app.

How does it work exactly? Meta writes in a blog that “you can take off your headset and plug it in. The headset will do its job while you go about your day.” It sounds great! This sounds great!

The v53 update also includes some other improvements. The update moved what Meta calls the “Advanced Camera Setting” to capture your gameplay including frame rate, aspect ratio and other settings from the Experimental Setting panel into the main Camera Setting menu. The company has added a new parental control tool to the Meta Quest browser and allows you to log in on Twitch. The Meta Quest Pro now supports Wi-Fi 6E.

New tool for parents and teens to supervise their children

Meta Quest’s supervision tools continue to be a great way to help parents and teens. Meta Quest Browser website category filter is a new tool that we are introducing with v53 to help parents manage what their teens access and view on the Meta Quest Browser.

Parents can set up this new tool by going to the Parental Supervision tab in the Meta Quest mobile app. From there, parents can choose to block websites based on different categories of content, such as “Alcohol” or “Violence.” These choices are specific to each account, so parents of multiple teens can pick different settings that they feel are suitable for each teen. Teens will receive email notifications when their parent or guardian has set up the new filter.

Visit Meta’s Family Center to access Meta Quest Platform supervision tools and expert-backed resources on well-being and online safety to help you support your teen’s VR experiences.

Update apps during shutdown

It’s annoying to put on your Meta Quest headphone and click on a game, only to discover that it requires an update.

We’re working to reduce the frequency of this happening. You can now update your apps after you have finished using the headset. Plug in your headset and you can go about your day while it does its work. When will you be back? You can use this to minimize the number app updates you need to perform the next time you jump into VR.

If you do not want to update your apps before the device is shutdown, you can opt out in the power off dialog.

Advanced camera settings and stereo audio

These tools allowed you to better capture and share your favorite VR gaming moments, whether it was setting a new high score in em. These tools allowed you to capture and share the best VR gaming moments. Whether it was a new high-score in beat Saber, or silly antics with gorilla tag.

With v53, we’re officially moving these Advanced Camera Settings from the Experimental Settings panel into Camera Settings. For most people, the default settings are still optimal, but if you’re regularly sharing videos on Instagram or YouTube and want to have more control, feel free to give them a look. Just be aware that there are still tradeoffs, e.g. enabling image stabilization decreases the field of view of your resultant videos. You might need to explore and adjust your settings before finding what combination works best for you.


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