Shakira reportedly “made things difficult” for Gerard Pique, her former partner. Clara Chia, his new girlfriend, had just returned from a holiday in Abu Dhabi. The Spaniard was returning to Spain after spending time with Clara Chia. The ex-Barcelona man flew to Miami from Catalan to see his children, but received bad news about the time he’d get with them.

Pique had agreed to spend 10 days in Miami with his sons as part of a custody agreement. Since Shakira has left Spain, the Colombian considers the two days before her departure to be the time the sons spend with their father. Ana Rosa claims that Pique will only spend five days with his children and not the usual 10. This month, he has spent more time with the children. It’s not yet fully organized ,”

The former couple split in November last year and are now trying to work together for their children. According to reports, the children of both Colombian and Spanish parents have set out rules regarding their father’s visits. Pique is also allowed to spend holidays with his sons including Christmas and Thanksgiving.

If you missed it, Gerard Pique is frustrated by Shakira’s decision to take children to Miami during the middle of the school year

Gerard Pique could end up renting an apartment in Miami

Gerard Pique may rent out a Miami house to spend more quality time with his family. After the divorce of the Spaniard and Shakira the Colombian moved to Miami while Pique decided to remain in Barcelona. He chose to move into a new apartment with Clara Chia.

Gerard bought a house in Miami, to live there at least part-time. The Spaniard appears to have been cheated out of the half of his agreed-upon time with his kids and hopes to avoid a repetition of the incident. Pique could rent a house to make his commute easier, and provide a home for his kids in Florida.

It is also possible that the Spaniard would be able to acquire property in the city, which would create a loophole for the custody agreement. Pique could visit his children on a regular basis without breaking the agreement. This would be a different kind of compromise as the Spaniard would have to spend less time together with his new partner.


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