This article will discuss the Twverify scam, its happenings and safety advice. It will also cover whether steps have been taken against it.

Have you ever fallen victim to a scam before? You are responsible for any online payments. If you do not, then you should track your online financial transactions. In this digital age, it is common to be scammed and a victim of fraud. Scams are committed every day on the World Wide. Take all necessary precautions to ensure your safety before you engage in any online transaction.

The Twverify scam, is just one of many scams perpetrated online. We will examine this scam to see how you can protect yourself.

What is Twverify ?

Around the globe, a new scam has gained popularity wherein fraudsters hack authorized profiles. Facebook’s parent company Meta revealed the scam. Scammers steal verified accounts from users who have a blue checkmark next to their username. The scammer steals the personal information of the victim and later their account numbers.

The Scam involves a fake user who shares links from a verified account or series, and asks people to click or share them. Once you click the link, your personal data is stolen. This includes your account information, verification codes, and security passwords.

Why is this scam so popular

Meta, the parent of Facebook, used to award a Blue Tick for all genuine users. It was the same as Twitter and Instagram. Blue Ticks are seen by many as a legitimate sign, making it easier for scammers.

Meta still uses the old verification method, even though Blue Tick is a sign of authenticity. The Scam is a result of this. Meta’s policy of verification could be altered to help stop the scam. It’s difficult to stop fraud with the same verification policy.

Scammers create fake Blue Tick account, making it hard for users to differentiate between real and fake accounts. Blue Tick enables the scammer create thousands of followers. Scammers can easily scam these fake profiles.

What is the target for the Twverify scam ?

Reports indicate that celebrities are the primary target of this scammer. The scammer may change their username, but still have millions of followers. They will also display the Blue Tick as a sign that the profile is authentic. This profile contains the same Google ad and advertisement on the page.

In 2012, a page called “Fans Of Miss Pooja” was created. In 2013, the page was renamed Miss Pooja two times. This username was also changed with the Google AI, and even the page URL has been changed to “”.

This page has been followed by over 3 million people. This page contains fake Google accounts. Users may not be able to tell if the page is fake or real.

What does Meta have to say about this scam

According to sources, a Meta spokesperson devotes time and money to prevent scams. The sources said that scammers find a way into each new program or function even though they are working on the issue seriously.

The team assures us that it is working hard to eliminate this scam by using advanced security measures and safety measures.

More information on the Twverify scam

Some people think that this scam is popular, and that scammers should hack the password to the verified account of the celebrity. The scammers will change the profile picture and other information after they have stolen the account. This makes it easier for the users to trust this profile.

Other people also think that paid Twitter verification does not work. Experts oppose paid Twitter verification because it increases hacking risks. Click on the social media links below to learn more.


The Twverify scam is the latest scam to be developed. This scam involves scammers creating or stealing a verified account that displays a Blue tick. These profiles had millions of followers and they used them to steal personal information. We urge to be safe and secure.


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